Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Start your day right with our BREAKFAST SELECTIONS!

Nasi Lemak Nabalu

An all-time favourite Malaysian Breakfast. Steamed white rice, spicy sambal, deep fried white bait, fried egg, peanuts and fried chicken wing. Includes Coffee/Tea/Milo RM6.80

A lovely breakfast medley of baked beans, chicken soup, toasted bread, topped with scrambled eggs. Includes coffee/tea/milo RM3.00

For more great food at affordable prices, please drop by at Nabalu (Gaya Street).
Your Meeting Place.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nabalu Hinompuka

Hinompuka Vagas Totidong
(Grounded Hillrice flour wrapped steamed in banana leaves)

Nabalu Curry Puff!!

Curry Puff

Cakes at Nabalu Gaya!!

Cakes Varieties Available Now!!

Chocolate Layer Cake

New York Cheese Cake

Chocolate Cheese Cake

New Arrival!!
Mix Fruits Cheese Cake

New Arrival!!
Banana Chocolate Layer Cake

Pinasakan Sada & Hinava!!!

Come! And have a taste our Traditional Food at Nabalu Gaya!!

Pinaasakan Sada Bosungan (Simmered Fish in sour fruits and herbs)

Hinava Sada Longkunis (Freshly Sliced Fish in Lime Juice)